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The Enchanted Forest
last updated: May 4, 2014
:iconfairytypeplz: :iconpsychictypeplz: :icongrasstypeplz:

Welcome to our magical little corner of Lostlorn Forest! This is the Enchanted Forest Pokemon Ranch, a wonderful place cared for by our king Kal that specializes in fairy, psychic, and grass pokemon, but takes in all types. If you're looking for him, you can probably find him in our small Library or out in the surrounding forest with the pokemon. You are free to wander and take a look around, but only if you are a member of PKMNation. If you are not a member, please head back to the public part of the forest. Thank you, and enjoy your stay!

  • Belle the female Snubbull
  • Claus the male Scraggy
  • Sunshine the female Rotom
  • Aurora the shiny female Munna
  • Ali the fusion male Cottonee

Breeding Info
  • EDIT as of 5/15/2014
  • If I understood the recent update correctly, we are now limited in breeding. This means I might be a bit more picky with who I breed with
  • But still feel free to note me if you're interested!
  • And I would still like both pokemon to be at a minimum of level 10

  • Re-Trace x1
  • DNA Stone x1

  • Please make an offer in the comments below. Points and art are fine, but points are preferred.
  • PS: I haven't sold much before, so I'm sorry if the prices are weird! I tried to look up prices in the group, so hopefully I'm not too off.
  • Fusion Vanillite Egg (Dragon/Normal/Ice type, not drawn) (70 points or 15 levels)

  • As far as pokemon go, I'm looking for any pokemon of the types I'm specializing in, especially fusions and crosses
  • Also looking for the evolution stone for Ali to evolve him into a Whimsicott eventually

About the Rancher
  • Kal Grimm the male Human
  • Native of Unova, from Driftviel City
  • Decided to move to Lostlorn Forest when he became an "adult" to study and devote his life to pokemon
  • He is interested in pursuing contests, battles, and the breeding of pokemon
  • He is also interested in pursuing his obsession with interest in the myths and fables (aka: fairytales) of Unova
  • He is also a super geek who will spend just as much time watching television, reading books, or using his computer as he will caring for his pokemon
  • He hopes to one day collect many badges from the PKMNation-sponsored Gyms as well as make appearances in the Nimbasa Theater nearby

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